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University of Limpopo

Team Motto: Making social changes through entrepreneurship.

Enactus in one word: Ambitious

Active project: 3

The team’s biggest challenge from this year: During the National Lockdown, they could not do any field work which forced them to make amendments to their 2020 Strategic Plan. The team transitioned to doing most things electronically and not all team members were able to participate for various reasons.

The team’s proudest moment of the year: When project (Triple R) progressed to the second stage of the Harmony LED Special Competition.

Social media presence:
Facebook: @Enactus_UL
Instagram: @Enactus_UL

Get to know us

Mothapo Reginald Khumotso is a poet and photographer. He is an extrovert and loves exploring new possibilities while striving to gain knowledge and wisdom. He joined Enactus in October 2017 and currently serves as a Research Officer.

Best Enactus moment: He has many great experiences with Enactus namely: learning concepts of entrepreneurship and accounting, participating in various Enactus events and networking with like-minded students. He values the versatility and unity in his team… He describes them as “birds of the same feather flocking together” for one mission and vision – to change the world and make it a better place through entrepreneurship.

Who inspires me: Vusi Themebekwayo

In five years, I will be… “pursuing my passion for agriculture as a farm owner.”


Lortia Movalo is ambitious, focused, goal driven and works tirelessly to achieve her goals. She joined Enactus in February 2019 and currently serves as an Administrator.

Best Enactus moment: Attending the 2019 EnactusZA National Competition…

Who inspires me: Motheo Moremi

In five years, I will be… “studying for a Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (CTA).”


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