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Mangosuthu University of Technology: Phumelela Resource Centre

Enactus team from Mangosuthu University of Technology realized there is a need of library facilities in the remote areas of KwaZulu- Natal. They made it their mission to help alleviate this problem by establishing the Phumelela Resource Centre. This centre is aimed at providing basic education in the subjects of English and Maths.

Vaal University of Technology: Mama V

The “Mama V” project has directly impacted 6 people, including Enactus students and indirectly more 139 people. In addition, the bottling of these products is growing the target audience through the introduction of a range for diabetics.

University of Free State: Thessa New Beginnings

Enactus University of Free State partnered with Towers of Hope to assist with the growth of the Thessa New Beginning project. The objective was to improve skills levels and for the project to become a profitable social enterprise.
Focus areas to achieve this were: basic computer training, social media marketing, guidance on the business model and positioning, assisting with distribution of the produced textile items for conferences, the UFS nursing school and consignment agreements with gift shops.

University of Pretoria: Zama Lesedi

The team trained 5 community members to make the light and run the business since there’s high unemployment rate. This magnificent light has a life span of 2-3 years and an automatic switch to charge mode when exposed to sunlight. It takes 6 hours to fully charge in direct sunlight and 8-9 hours in overcast weather. The ultra mode lasts up to 4 hours and 10-12 hours on the ambient mode.