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Alumni feature: Nezaro Novela

Nezaro Novela is a founder of Nezrotag, an organisation that specialises in business consultancy services. Nezaro Novela is also a Post-graduate Student at the University of Johannesburg studying towards Master of Commerce in Strategic Management.

Nezaro Novela’s motto: Keeping my word is everything.



Entrepreneurship has always been his passion and it was through this passion that he joined Enactus during his second year of study at the University of Johannesburg. Mr Novela started as a project manager in 2012 and later became president of Enactus University of Johannesburg in 2014/15 Enactus calendar year.
One of the greatest challenges he faced during his period with Enactus was working was in diverse teams. Some of the executive members were not always giving their best to ensure the success of the projects undertaken. This did not stop him from continuing working hard simply because of his love and passion for both people and business.
Nezaro’s greatest experiences during his term at Enactus were: given the opportunity to serve members of his community. Secondly, it was when he was elected president of ENACTUS. It was during this period that he managed to grow as a leader. Lastly, it was winning the national competition and attending the world cup in Canada, representing his Country and University.
Novela is the CEO of Nezrotag, a business he is running on a full-time basis. Nezrotag is a business consulting firm that specialises in offering consulting services to businesses nationwide. Nezrotag was established in 2011 and officially registered in 2016. Mr Novela has worked with over 500 clients nationwide over the past 5 years. Bringing that unmatched experience to bear, he has created a suite of practical, actionable and affordable solutions to help your business run efficiently and grow rapidly.
Enactus provided Nezaro Novela with a platform to test his current business model. In addition, he was able to build credibility through the work he did for businesses in his community, an opportunity created by Enactus. It was through Enactus that his business took off. Businesses owners were keen to work with him based on his Enactus achievements and references.

Website: www.nezrotag.co.za
Email: info@nezrotag.co.za
Facebook: @nezrotag
LinkedIn: Nezaro Novela

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