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Alumni Feature: Kudzai Kutukwa

Kudzai Kutukwa is a co-founder and CEO of Mobbisurance. He is an Enactus (formerly SIFE) Monash Alumnus, who is passionate about making financial services affordable and accessible for everyone regardless of their level of income.

Motto: “Do or do not, there is no try…”

From an early age, Kudzai was keen and passionate about entrepreneurship. As a child, his main motivation for doing anything entrepreneurial was simply to earn extra pocket money. In spite of just wanting extra pocket money, the entrepreneurial spirit grew within him. Now, 9 years later, Kudzai is an alumnus of Enactus Monash and a co-founder and CEO of Mobbisurance.

It was in 2010 when he enrolled at Monash University that he had his first encounter with Enactus through his friend Golden, who was very persistent in persuading Kudzai to join him in the outstanding community development work they were doing at Enactus and he invited him to attend one of their Enactus general meetings. Kudzai was very sceptical at first because in his mind, it sounded like a charity organisation and he wanted something that would make him improve his entrepreneurial skills. However, his friend never gave up and he continued inviting Kudzai to come for only this one meeting and that he would not regret attending it. Kudzai reluctantly agreed to that to please his friend. To his surprise, when he got there and saw the impact the projects that the team were planning to implement and what they had hoped to achieve blew his mind! It was definitely not what he expected – especially the focus of transforming people’s lives for the better through the use of entrepreneurial action. Kudzai didn’t think twice, he immediately signed up and the rest, as they say, is history…

Kudzai started as an ordinary team member and assisted with everything in his power and knowledge to help the team achieve their objectives. He was elected into the executive committee in 2012 as Marketing and Communications Officer. His duties and responsibilities included but were not limited to creating awareness on campus about Enactus and its activities. He also drove the marketing strategy for the projects that they were working on, and was the voice of Enactus Monash beyond the campus territory. Amongst others, Enactus sharpened his leadership and communication skills, gave him the ability to be analytical, taking tough decisions and to become a risk-taker. Not to mention the professional development that was part of his journey.

Kudzai explains that his team faced quite a few challenges that include insufficient financial resources. Some of the beneficiaries that they were working with, were not financially literate, and the team also had to strategically balance the Enactus project activities with their academic responsibilities. He describes that the challenges were so demanding, that it taught them everything about good time management and the ability to plan ahead as there was seriously no time to fall back on anything. What was the most inspiring was that his team had the same source of motivation, drive and passion and each member of the team was committed to effect change. Furthermore, they all understood the value of the work they were investing their time in and the impact and transformation it would bring into the lives of those marginalized communities. Kudzai says that this was what kept them soldiering on, every single day.

A highlight to Kudzai was when his team was part of a fun-day hosted at one of the local primary schools in Zanderspruit. He explained that this fun day was initially not an Enactus event. However, it helped the team understand and engage with people in their community that had the same vision and mission in heart of creating a better more sustainable world. They all knew change would not happen overnight, but that small actions, when multiplied by hundreds of people, ultimately will make a bigger impact than one can begin to imagine. Therefore, the team played their part to make the day a success. This experience taught Kudzai to “see people” not to see the beneficiaries as a mere project that would gain them some recognition, but to see people in the community as fellow human beings with dreams and hopes for a brighter future.

Kudzai is a co-founder and CEO of Mobbisurance, which is an agricultural partner in reducing the risk of financial losses associated with adverse weather. The company has cutting edge technological tools that have been developed to be at anyone’s disposal as soon as they sign up for these services. Mobbisurance is currently developing a satellite imagery-based crop insurance product that is targeted at small-scale farmers. This is because most small-scale farmers in South Africa and in the rest of Africa are unable to afford crop insurance; they are thus more vulnerable to things like adverse weather that can drastically impact their livelihoods. In closing, there is no doubt that Kudzai is still as passionate as when he started his Enactus journey. Now its about making financial services affordable and accessible for everyone regardless of their level of income.

Company details
Address: 5 Cradock Avenue Rosebank,
Johannesburg 2196
Tel:+27 87 006 0003
Website: www.mobbisurance.com

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