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National Champion team of the University of KwaZulu-Natal representing South Africa at the 20th Anniversary of the Enactus World Cup

#PassionOnPurpose Two decades of innovation and driving change for centuries to come…

Enactus University of KwaZulu-Natal will represent South Africa as National Champions at the Enactus World Cup to be hosted virtually from 14th to 21st October 2021. Under the theme #PassionOnPurpose the team competes on the global stage with National Champion teams from 32 countries for the title of Enactus World Champion 2021. These next generation of leaders will showcase their entrepreneurial action and share innovative solutions that transforms lives and creates a better future for us all.

This year Enactus celebrates two milestones namely; the 20th anniversary for Enactus South Africa and for 20 years, Enactus has powered the Enactus World Cup, an experience that includes a competition to select the team with the most sustainable business created by NextGen Leaders who are on the forefront of this movement with their Passion on Purpose.

The Enactus World Cup is for rising business leaders and innovators driving impact for people, planet and prosperity. The 72,000 NextGen Leaders of Enactus have persevered and worked throughout the pandemic while continuing to effect positive change that addressed global issues and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The Opening Rounds judging of the competition starts on 14th October at 18:00pm, where the 32 countries will compete in 8 leagues. South Africa will present second in league 8.

The Enactus World Cup 2021 provides a unique opportunity for outreach to new guests, influencers, students, faculty, alumni, partners and prospects to support this formidable organization to experience the power of our global network and the chance to engage in unparalleled networking and collaboration.

The national champion teams will represent their respective countries. At this event, students and faculty interact, observe other teams’ presentations, learn from others and benchmark their educational activities with global best practices, resulting in continuous improvement of development and educational programs. Included in the Enactus World Cup program are forums involving motivational speakers and business leaders from around the world with dialogue focusing on topics such as business ethics, leadership, and the world’s most pressing topics — economic inclusion, climate action, oceans, rethinking plastic and food for the planet.

Chief Executive Officer and Country Director for Enactus South Africa, Letitia de Wet, says, “Now, more than ever, we need the power of positivity in the world. Enactus not only transforms the lives of communities, but it helps our students develop the kind of talent and perspective that is essential in an ever more complicated and complex world. We believe that when we come together with our unique talents, passions and ideas, and a common goal for the greater good, we all benefit!” The organization did a lot of work to see how best we can commercialize our work and scale our projects to increase our impact and create more jobs. “As you all know, there is no better source for hope and motivation amid these uncertain times, than our Enactus students and their work.”

The University of KwaZulu-Natal Enactus (Enactus UKZN) team will present their entrepreneurial project named Ubuntu Social Enterprise’.

Ubuntu Social Enterprise’ project responds to the triple challenges articulated in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of poverty, unemployment and inequality. The project is designed to develop sustainable cooperative businesses in communities. The team divided their project to stand on three pillars, namely agricultural education, farming practices and business development. More specifically, their work is an agri-business solution focused on achieving inclusive and sustainable local economic growth through
cultivating and accelerating small scale and cooperative farming businesses.

Participants and spectators have the opportunity through this event, to be surrounded by a community who thinks big and is thought-provoking.

Social media is key for Enactus, hashtags include
#PassionOnPurpose, #NextGenLeaders and #EnactusWorldCup.

It is an opportunity to share positive initiatives that CONNECT purpose to passion and inspire others to make a difference.

Registration as spectator as it is free. To register for the Enactus World Cup 2021 >>>>  Click Here

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