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COVID-19: EnactusZA Contingency Plan

The health, safety and well-being of all colleagues, students, faculty, partners and friends is of the utmost importance for Enactus. In light of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement on Sunday, 15th March and declaration of a state of disaster, Enactus has put in place a contingency plan to minimise the risks of exposure and contracting Covid-19 for employees, our faculty, teams and the communities we operate in.

Dear Enactus Faculty, Presidents, Executive Committee Members and Students

Situation Analysis
The World Health Organization (WHO) declared this a global pandemic on 11 March 2020. Situation reports can be viewed for daily updates from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Enactus Global Impact for Events (Regional competitions, National Competitions and trainings, program activities):

  • COVID-19 Impact on Enactus: as of CET 16 March 2020, 32 out of 35 countries
  • 12 countries are planning in person events as scheduled
  • 5 countries are postponing to a later time
  • 13 countries are considering to move (or moving) to online/virtual event
  • 11 countries considering options with their board
  • In 14 countries 100% of universities closed till at least end of March
  • In 5 countries at least 25% of universities closed

Note: Supplied information – in particular for European countries – changed drastically and was outdated within 24-hours

Enactus SA University Impact

Institution Impact If your istitution is closed, when will classes resume again?
Cape Peninsula University of Technology  100% 6-Apr pending on the covid-19 situation then. Residences to be vacated
Central University of Technology 100% 30-Mar
Durban University of Technology 100% 14-Apr tentatively pending how virus plays out. Residences to be vacated
Mangosuthu University of Technology 100%
Nelson Mandela University 100%
North-West University 75% All classes and contact sessions including events are cancelled from 17-March – 30 March
Rhodes University 100% Suspension of classes is indefinite
Tshwane University of Technology 100% 14 April tentatively pending how virus plays out. Residences to be vacated
University of Cape Town 100%
University of Fort Hare 100%
University of Johannesburg 100%
University of KwaZulu-Natal 100% Suspension of all classes is indefinate. Awaiting further communication from management later today or tomorrow
University of Limpopo 100%
University of Mpumalanga 100%
University of Pretoria 100% 14-Apr
University of the Free State: Bloemfontein Campus 100% 14-Apr
University of the Free State: QwaQwa Campus 100% 14-Apr
University of the Western Cape 100% 14-Apr
University of the Witwatersrand 100%
University of Venda 100%
Vaal University of Technology 100% Classes will start next week depending on the situation.
Walter Sisulu University 100% 14 April tentatively pending how virus plays out. Residences to be vacated

Enactus South Africa Contingency Plan

A.Work from home
Further to the announcement regarding COVID-19 by President Ramaphosa on Sunday, Enactus South Africa decided that for the safety of our staff, work will be performed from home from Wednesday 18th to Monday 30th March.

B. Meetings and training events
It is a threat to health for people to travel/gather, and fast, intelligent action, slows pandemic effects and stops overwhelming the healthcare systems. See graph below.

Whilst we prefer to meet in person, we respect your safety and the safety of society and will be keeping in contact via e-mail, skype and other technologies until such time that it is safe to travel again. Staff will thus not be traveling, and we would like to ask to move all face-to-face meetings to telephonic ones for the foreseeable future. Only in emergencies, staff will honour one-on-one meetings subject to their availability and willingness to meet.

Impact on Communities
Naturally, as our implementation partners who are on the ground and closest to the communities, we anticipate that this declaration will also have an impact on your programme deliverables in one way or another.

Enactus Special Team Report required:
You are kindly requested to share with us a report by noon, Thursday, 19th March detailing the challenges you are encountering or anticipating and also indicate the contingency plans you will take in dealing with the anticipated challenges.  Your safety and the safety of those we touch in the communities is of paramount importance. Please let this element be central in all the plans your devise.

Focus on:

  • What are your immediate plans to help beneficiaries during the next few months?
  • Are you doing anything different than usual?
  • What have changed for your projects with the “State of Disaster” announced by the President?
  • What is happening with your current projects? Are you pushing through or cancelling?
  • What kind of contracts obligations/negotiations do you have for your projects that will be impacted?
  • Did you consider what commitments you have as team and participants of our special partnerships, e.g. Special Competitions: Unilever, Ford C3, Harmony LED Challenge, other Team sponsors?
  • Do you plan any communications with your beneficiaries and Team Sponsors?

Other Mandatory Reports:
Lastly, the EnactusZA Calender for 2020 is available here on the website under “Important Dates”.

For now, we encourage our Enactus teams to submit all active projects, and in particular those that you plan to enter into the 2020 Enactus South Africa National Competition as they stand today to Enactus Plus+. Failing to do so will lead to slimming your chances to participate in this year’s competition. Use this time also to work on online reports and your student impact story videos & 77 second films of impact.

Enactus will ensure a fair and effective presentations opportunities and judging process.
We are working tirelessly to ensure that across the globe, we will be:

  1. Creating a fair competition process
  2. Creating a compelling experience for both students and judges
  3. Clearly demonstrating positive impact of programs and on our students

Do note that all of our Enactus teams are required to submit ALL other reports (mandatory and team reports) as per the deadlines noted in the 2020 EnactusZA Calendar.

In the light of the unforeseen future of Covid-19, and the thread it may pose to gatherings of 100+ people, the possibility of postponing the event or move it to an online platform is not yet ruled out. We highly recommend that our presenting teams and possible travellers to the Enactus World Cup in the Netherlands, start the process of obtaining their passports – if you haven’t done so already.

Please stay calm as we wish you all the very best in these trying times!
Wash your hands and stay safe.

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