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COVID-19: EnactusZA Contingency Plan Update

We trust that you are all well and in good health!

In adhering to the pronouncement made by our State President, His Excellency, Cyril Ramaphosa regarding the 21 days lockdown, we hope that as social responsible citizens of our beautiful country will take this very serious and adhere strictly to his instruction that we stay at home, with the exception of those that deliver essential services. As the President stated, all unessential travel and public gatherings of any form are suspended. This may be unpleasant but a very necessary and unavoidable step which is meant to help to flatten the curve and to deal effectively with the escalating numbers of the Covid-19 infections.

As Enactus South Africa, we would like to encourage all of you to fully adhere to these stipulations and all other health guidelines (such as the washing of hands and physical isolation) given to us. Each of you are an essential and valuable part of this organization.

In light of these restrictions, we have been working at contingency plans which will ensure that the good work done by our teams, is not adversely impacted. Although we would like to encourage communication to continue between team members, and teams and their beneficiaries (where necessary or required), this should be done with care and by using means that will not necessitate physical contact.

Since none of us are sure if the lockdown will be sufficient to curb the spread of Covid-19, we have also strategized and developed a plan that will serve as a guide to support options and communications in the event that conditions require our country to execute a national event online or partially online.

The plan starts with conditions that may help facilitate our decision making. We focused on the processing of presentations in the fairest possible manner and looked at ways to optimize the judging and any online experience. While the value of being together in the same space is understood, this plan outlines opportunities unique to online connectivity— “seeing opportunity” and how digital strategies can grow our network and impact.

Ultimately, the sharing of ideas and supporting innovation will make this plan dynamic and help us evolve to meet future needs. It is important to note that an online event does not mean the event is restricted to be “live online.” The plan helps guide decisions of live versus digital content shared and processed, with live elements as options.

In our vision to create a better more sustainable world, we often face challenges we do not plan for. It is best to anticipate well ahead of time, what these conditions are in the event they should arise on short notice or be predictive in the near future.

The following conditions may warrant a partial or complete online event option:

  • Significant financial challenge related to event execution
  • Threat to health or condition for people to travel/gather
  • Natural or man-made disaster disrupts execution of event
  • Analysis that demonstrates positive impact is greater online

The choice of executing a national event partially or fully online would be made in consultation with our Enactus South Africa Board of Directors. Enactus global staff will also be consulted to help support our decision and the process.

Any significant change or disruptions to our 2020 National Competition plans will be announced no later than end April 2020.

In the meantime, we would like to encourage you to attend to the Plan as outlined below:

Week 1: Ending 03 April 2020
Encourage all your active members to register on Enactus+
Submit your first Active Team Sheet with your Regional Program Coordinator

Consider how best you will be able to demonstrate your positive impact – ways of showcasing content can be addressed through many formats:

  1. Creation of 77-Second Films of Impact
  2. Showcasing of Student Impact Stories via storytelling and video interviews
  3. Showcasing of Beneficiary Impact Stories via storytelling and video interviews
  4. Collating interesting Annual Report pictures to showcase your impact
  5. Utilization of measurement toolkits to portray environmental impact (CO2 emissions, etc.)

Week 2: Ending 9 April 2020
Submit your projects on Enactus + (the projects should be submitted to portray the status at this stage).

Also note in particular what your team’s future and contingency plan is if lockdown is extended.
Start with the completion of the Impact Report

Week 3: Ending 17 April 2020
Submit Road Map Reports – your Regional Program Coordinator will inform you which report is due.

If you have any questions, kindly reach out to your Regional Program Coordinator or our Program Manager. Also note that although we are working from home, we are available for you should you need assistance or guidance with anything related to the Enactus programme or projects.

Once again we would like to encourage you to stay at home and keep safe, and may God protect and bless you.

Kind regards,

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