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Special Competitions

We are honoured to have the support of our partners in specialised competitions aligned to their brand values and for the advancement of communities across South Africa. Enactus teams are challenged to intervene and assist their communities take advantage of these opportunities. The same judging criterion that will be utilized to judge the projects of teams at the Enactus National Competition are applicable to these projects.

2022 Special Competitions and competition status

  1. Ford Enactus Community College Challenge [C3] Cycle 8 
    • Announcement of the Four Teams for 2022
    • Finalists 5000 USD each

  3. Enactus Refocus Accelerator Challenge sponsored by Harmony
    • Announcement of the shortlisted enterprises for 2022

  5. MTN Enactus Digital Innovation Challenge [formal MTN ICT Challenge]
    • Announcement of the shortlisted enterprises for 2022

  7. Official Global Races & Challenges:
    1. Action with Africa Challenge
    2. Race to Rethink Plastic
    3. Race for Climate Action
    4. Race to Feed the Planet
    5. One Race 4 Oceans
    6. Enactus Races 77sec Film Festival