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Regional Competition

Our 2021 Enactus South Africa Regional Competition will be hosted from 28th April to 5th May 2021 via  Launchpad6.

We are extremely excited because this is the very first time ever that we are hosting a regional competition. Enactus South Africa has decided to introduce the Regional Competition as a precursor to the National Competition. The competition seeks to activate teams and increase early competition opportunities to all teams with the intention curating and improving the overall quality of the National Competition. All active teams will are eligible to compete in the Inaugural Regional Competition. Competing teams will be divided in leagues/regions based on geo-location. In addition, 8 teams have been selected to participate in the Ideation Challenge.

The semi-finalist advancing to the National Competition in July, will be announced on the Wednesday 5th May.

As part of the Regional Competition Agenda, we will be hosting HR professionals from our partners, Harmony and Nedbank. These sessions are specially designed for teams to ask questions and to find out more about the career and/or business support opportunities that these corporates have to offer.

Please watch the Enactus Vitual Career Fair videos below:

Join the Zoom “Question & Answer” Session for the Enactus Virtual Career Fair:

HARMONY 11:00-11:45 click to join 805781
NEDBANK 12:00-12:45 click to join 623421

Live Afternoon Session [Facebook & YouTube]