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Regional Competition

Our 2021 Enactus South Africa Regional Competition will be hosted from 28th April to 5th May 2021 via  Launchpad6.

We are extremely excited because this is the very first time ever that we are hosting a regional competition. Enactus South Africa has decided to introduce the Regional Competition as a precursor to the National Competition. The competition seeks to activate teams and increase early competition opportunities to all teams with the intention curating and improving the overall quality of the National Competition. All active teams will are eligible to compete in the Inaugural Regional Competition. Competing teams will be divided in leagues/regions based on geo-location. In addition, 8 teams have been selected to participate in the Ideation Challenge.

The online format of the regional competition builds on the successful events hosted in the 2020 program year and creates tremendous opportunities for Enactus to engage a bigger, broader and more national and global audience respectively and we are setting our sights high, expecting to draw 3,500 participants to the Nationals, and 10,000+ participants to the EWC.

Enactus strongly encourages each of our Enactus teams to seize the opportunity to participate and attend this year’s virtual competition. The competition provides your team a chance to showcase your accomplishments and talents to likeminded students and businesspeople from across our country. At the same time, this event will serve as a learning platform for all.

The duration for judging is 28th – 30th April 2021.

Only two events will be for public viewing:

  • Panel Discussion
  • Announcement