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Alumni feature: Sihle Majola

Sihle Majola is an alumnus of the University of Zululand where he completed his LLB Law. He joined the Enactus Unizulu team in 2008 during his second year of study for the purpose of starting a project that him and his friend, Manna called Nduluka. The objective was to assist street stylists of Empangeni in KwaZulu-Natal [KZN] to showcase their designs. He left Enactus in 2009 to concentrate on his studies and returned in 2012 for the recovery of Nduluka for which he was project co-ordinator in 2008.

His motto is: “Persistence is the key to success”

Sihle has faced many challenges as an Enactus member and as an entrepreneur. He through his failures grew as pioneer in Nduluka.
The first challenge was working with the women from Empangeni and to keep them motivated to work together to establish a business and utilizing their skills. The team organized a business workshop. A street cleaning day was organized by the team were they worked with the local municipality to clean the women’s working area.
In 2012 whilst being the Project Manager for Nduluka, and again in 2013, he was elected as Treasurer of the Enactus Team. He instituted an accounting system that was set as a historical reference for all future treasurers of the team.

Memorable Enactus moments

A highlight for him was the first occasion when he attended the National Competition with his team following their preparation and rehearsal in 2008. When they got to the stage, the nerves seemed to have been overwhelming, and although some missed their lines and made mistakes, only the team was aware of these glitches. When one of the judges asked us how do we model such great success?, the team realized that they were on a good path to success. He describes his Enactus experience and travels to the National Competition as being thrilling and scary.

Life after Enactus

Sihle is the CEO of RhinoRecon Group, a Durban-based company that owns IT companies with high growth potential. RhinoRecon Group owns Picadoo (Pty) Ltd (Picadoo.co.za), Wezart (Pty) Ltd (Wezart.co.za) and Mjitamag.co.za. Wezart is a subsidiary of RhinoRecon Group.

Sihle the managing director of a Start-up called Wezart, an online African Fashion and Art Marketplace. Here they assist Designers and Artists prosper by helping them sell their designed artwork and clothes. They also facilitate work opportunities from corporates in Durban.

As the Managing Director of Wezart, he does strategic planning for the company, works with the partners to steer the company in the right direction. He also does PR for the company and creates strategic partnerships with other companies which have the same objectives of assisting artists and designers to find their niche in the market.

Enactus helped him cultivate strategic thinking along with laying foundations that remain with him. For example:
• The monitoring and evaluation tools as the cornerstones of your organization.
• Team work.
• Trust in his teams’ ability is the biggest lesson he learned and he utilizes it as a driving force in the companies he is involved with.

Follow Wezart on social media and visit their website:


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