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Alumni feature: Khuthalani Curtis “KC” Mathoma

Khuthalani Curtis “KC” Mathoma is a competent leader and entrepreneur with an enthusiastic and captivating personality. This makes him unique and inspirational to a large and diverse audience. He is a corporate MC, voice over artist, public speaker, radio and TV personality, and as Enactus Alumnus from the University of Venda, it is just natural that he founded the KC Mathoma Foundation, a non-profit company in 2016 which is aimed at enterprise and youth development through education and skills capacity building in Southern Africa.

His motto
“never despise a day of small beginnings”

Born in the rural villages of the Limpopo Province, KC adopted this saying “My dream is not for sale” as one of his guiding principles. This has prompted him not to give up on what he has set his mind to. This gave room for his career to transcend and he got involved into diverse industries, such as education, media (radio and TV), and non-profit organizations.

It had always been KC’s desire to be involved in community development projects that empower and improve the quality of life and standard of living of people in under privileged communities. He joined Enactus UniVen in 2010 when his interest was intrigued by Enactus posters around the campus that seemed to offer exactly what he wanted to do and it presented an opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship and networking with students from other faculties, institutional administrators and business leaders. He attended the first Enactus meeting and never looked back. Later in the 2010-2011 year he was elected as Vice-president of the Enactus UniVen team, and as president of Enactus UniVen in 2011-2012 and again in 2014-2015. KC then joined the UniVen Alumni Association and their Business Advisory Board as Liaison Coordinator in 2015-2016 as he obtained his qualification, and keen to continue creating meaningful change in the community.

KC is a qualified Geologist with an Honours degree in Earth Sciences (Mining and Environmental Geology). He is currently pursuing his B.Com. Marketing Management Qualification at the University of Johannesburg, as he believes in lifelong learning.


His most memorable moment was in 2011 when he became the President of Enactus Univen. He presented a 5-year sustainability plan to the Faculty Advisors and Team that focused on how they could improve their team’s performance level.  This plan also involved the recruitment and mentorship of potential leaders within the 5-year period to help with the implementation of the team’s vision. He is proud to have been part of Mukondeni Ceramic Water filters project which has become one of the most impactful projects the team was involved with to provide access to clean water and change lives in the community.

Lastly, he is boasts about all of the students who succeeded him as they all contributed to drive Enactus UniVen to become one of the top performing teams in the country and securing their place in the finals of the national championship for 3 consecutive years before they finally were crowned 2017 National Champion Team. The UniVen team represented South Africa at the World Cup in London last September.


There are many important skills that he learnt through the Enactus program, namely teamwork, strategy development, leadership skills, problem-solving and project management skills to name but a few.

His biggest lesson learnt was the importance of sustainability and partnership in any business or venture you undertook. Therefore it was important to work together with beneficiaries on project implementation and the development processes as it is of the utmost importance that beneficiaries acquire efficient knowledge and skills that enable them to sustain these projects once the team exit it.


KC has worked within the mining sector as a qualified geologist.  As a result of the lessons and skills he obtained as member and leader of Enactus UniVen over the years, he had sufficient knowledge to register a company called “Curtis Groups (Pty) Ltd.” This is a multi-disciplinary company that offers services such as marketing, advertising, public relations and communications, events management, and business consulting work to NGOs amongst others.

Furthermore, he has worked for prominent local and commercial radio stations like UniVen FM and Capricorn FM. He also gained worthwhile work experienced at University of Venda as Programme Coordinator of the 1st Year Student Academic Mentoring Programme (SAMP). He was also the producer and presenter of the Marketing and Communications Division at UniVen FM. He joined Capricorn FM as producer and presenter in the news and sports division.  KC has worked in South Africa and Malawi both in private and community based organizations.  As corporate MC, voice-over artist and he is a keynote speaker with a broad range of topics of interest that covers some major topics such as innovation, education, entrepreneurship, leadership, technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

He is currently focusing his attention on the services offered by the KC Mathoma Foundation NPC that is aimed at entrepreneurship and youth development through through education and skills capacity building in the areas of sports, arts and culture, health, women, children and people living with disabilities and operational in Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).The Foundation also address goals 2 to 10 and 13 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the implementation of the South African National Development Plan.

The Foundation has not yet achieved its goals, as KC spent the past few months on conceptualization and research, and the prioritisation of what needs to be done first. He also tested some of the ideas in the communities. The year 2018-2019 will see the first phase of the implementation thereof.

Twitter: @KCMathoma

Facebook Page: KC Mathoma

Instagram: kcmathoma

LinkedIn: KC Mathoma

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