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Alumni feature: Clifford

Thamsanqa Clifford Boqwana is an enthusiastic and determined motivational speaker and life coach. He is an Enactus VUT alumni, graduating from the Vaal University of Technology with a National Diploma in Logistics Management. Thami is the founder and CEO of Boqwana Holdings (Pty) Ltd. which has activities and investments across the sectors of: healthcare, financial services, property, music,logistics and innovation.

His motto is: We live, we learn and we grow



Thami believes Enactus to have been an incredible platform that gave him immense fulfilment through using the power of entrepreneurial action to impact lives.


He was introduced to Enactus VUT through his friend, Phiri as he had always been inquisitive about how Phiri got into business, prompting him to recommend Thami joins Enactus. Initially he participated in Enactus for his personal advancement, not knowing that he would fall so deeply in love with the organisation.

In 2013, he was elected as Project Coordinator of Enactus Vaal University of Technology, having had Project Management modules within his course. As a result of this knowledge, he was able to give careful consideration to the team’s projects and build up a three year skeleton with the Project Leaders that was effective and efficient. Within that year their President had to step down due to health conditions and Thami became the acting President.

In 2014 he was formally elected as President of his team. As his first request of the day, his team carried out their skeleton making it a point that there is sustainability and functionality within the progression of their projects.

The hardest challenge for him was working with individuals who did not have any desire to work but rather so as to take care of this issue he would give them a chance to perform tasks that they appreciated doing that way they would all win.

Thami’s best memory of Enactus was to have been coached by former Enactus South Africa Chairman, Yunus Suleman. He believes Yunus to have an incredible mind and benefited from the mentorship session to guide his ship of Enactus VUT on the correct course in a more simpler and effective manner.

Yunus Suleman’s recommendations to Thamsanqa lead to the following outcomes:

  • Winning the Harmony LED Competition
  • Featured on ENCA’S Future Fit
  • Receiving four trophies of which one of them Thami was awarded the highly commended Student Leader Award.

The business approach of Boqwana Holdings is to invest only in entities and projects where it can contribute directly to the growth and development of the entity or project. The company interests range from strategic minority interests through to controlling shareholder interests in its underlying investments.

Thami is currently working on developing five companies in his community at Carletonville. It is due to the passion that was ignited by Enactus that he is able to assist the beneficiaries with pure love in his heart.

He is passionate about empowering people, gaining a sense of purpose in his life through watching and aiding people’s growth.

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