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Africa comes out victorious once more at the 2021 Enactus World Cup

20 years of Passion, Dedication and Innovation at a global event to showcase #NextGenLeaders with a head for business and a heart for the world…

This year, the 20th anniversary of the Enactus World Cup 2021 was celebrated again online from 14th to -21st October.

The South African National Champion team from the University of KwaZulu-Natal joined 31 other country champion teams that are part of this Enactus global network, and from 10 participating countries in Africa, nine Teams represented their respective countries and went on to showcase their Passion on Purpose for the title of Enactus World Champion 2021.

This annual global event is an experience that engages Next Generation Leaders who are working tirelessly through the positive power of business, entrepreneurial action and social innovation to address the most important issues affecting the world. The Enactus World Cup 2021 theme #PassionOnPurpose addressed some of there pressing topics which specifically focus on economic inclusion, climate action, oceans, rethinking plastic and food for the planet.

The 72,000 NextGen Leaders participating in Enactus, are passionate about making the oceans healthier, spoken word through storytelling, circular economies, playing instruments, plant-based food, and more. Enactus students are implementing thousands of projects that bring greater economic inclusion to their communities. Seven African countries advanced to the Top 16 of the competition. Among these was our Team South Africa from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, who were up against teams from Russia, Morocco and the United Kingdom. Egypt and Tunisia made it through to the final round and were selected by independent judges as the Top Four (Finalists). Egypt walked again away as the World Champion. Read more about the innovative business solution the team presented on by visiting this link: Enactus Egypt National Champions Turn Invasive Plant into Economic Opportunity for Local Communities | Enactus. Egypt was the defending champion and for the second consecutive year, was crowned 2021 Enactus World Champion.

According to Chief Executive Officer and Country Director for Enactus South Africa, Letitia de Wet “Enactus’ mission has never been more relevant than it is right now. Enactus is still dedicated to motivate and engage the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders to use innovation and business principles to improve the human condition and the world. We have witnessed how our 72,000 NextGen Leaders of Enactus have persevered and worked through the pandemic while continuing to make change against global issues and addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.”

The Enactus University of KwaZulu-Natal is a team of 87 students have dedicated over 5 000 hours to impact 1 200 people’s lives. They presented their entrepreneurial project named Ubuntu Social Enterprise’ that not only makes a difference in their community, but sparks business innovation and deliver fresh energy for social impact, by tackling the triple challenges articulated in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) poverty, unemployment and inequality.

The project is designed to develop sustainable cooperative businesses in communities. The team divided their project to stand on three pillars, namely agricultural education, farming practices and business development. More specifically, their work is an agri-business solution focused on achieving inclusive and sustainable local economic growth through cultivating and accelerating small scale and cooperative farming businesses.

Interested parties can still watch the impressive work of Enactus Teams and that were showcased at the Enactus World Cup 2021. It is free to binge watch at anyone’s convenience until the 21st November 2021 on the following link: www.enactus.org/worldcup

Note: Social media is key for Enactus, hashtags include
#PassionOnPurpose, #NextGenLeaders and #EnactusWorldCup.

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