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Action with Africa

The Action with Africa Challenge promotes entrepreneurial leadership and innovative business ideas on the continent of Africa and aims at positive SDG impact, especially at creating jobs and empowering women. The program enables high-potentional Enactus student teams across the globe to scale their business ideas. The Action with Africa program is led by Enactus Germany.



The AwA Pitch has been released, in which Enactus student Lisa summarizes key facts about the AwA Challenge. At the same time, this video serves as an example for your final pitch when presenting your business plan highlights!


The Action with Africa Challenge 2023 is open to all Enactus University teams worldwide having an Enactus project on the continent of Africa.

Important dates


  • * 28 February 2023 – Submit Action Entry Form.
  • *30 April 2023 – Complete the online Action with Africa education module.
  • *16 May 2023 – Submit 1st Progress Report.
  • *23 June 2023 – Top 6 Announcement at Enactus Germany’s National Competition.
  • *14 September 2023 – Submit 2nd Progress Report.
  • *17-20 October 2023 – Top 6 Final & Award Ceremony