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Worldwide Board of Directors

The Enactus Board of Directors is comprised of senior, global business leaders and experts from a diverse range of industries and companies. In addition to guiding the strategy and work of the organization, the board provides financial oversight—including the review and approval of the annual budget, oversight and approval of independent audits, the ongoing review of Enactus’ financial well-being, the selection and appointment of the chief executive, and the nomination and appointment of new board members. This group constitutes Enactus’s primary governing body.

Enactus South Africa Board of Directors

Board directors serve in various Board Advisory Committee structures.

Chairman: Jurie Welman

Former President: CHEP SSA (Sub Saharan Africa) & EIMEA (Europe, India, Middle East & Africa) Automotive.

Vice-Chairman: Mashego Mashego

Executive Director: Harmony Gold Mining Company Ltd.

Treasurer: Arif Hussain

Chief Executive Officer: 26° South Investment

Carl Ballot

Independent Contractor: Strategic Marketing, Communications and Corporate Citizenship Advisory, Coach

Jackie Mathebula

Executive Chairman: Aurik Enterprise Development

Edson Magondo

Director: Public Sector Group, KPMG Services (Proprietary) Limited

Kusile Mtunzi-Hairwadzi

General Manager: MTN SA Foundation

Charles Reed

Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development Specialist

Cristy Leask

Director: Symbiosis Consulting


The Enactus South Africa Advisory Board is comprised of a prestigious group of business leaders who are committed to support the organization. They are ambassadors and champions of Enactus’ mission, and leverage their expertise and networks to provide strategic advise, manage and assist with business development activities. They contribute to the success of Enactus South Africa as well as the advancement of its strategic objectives and its alignment with Enactus Global.

  • Executive Board Committee
    Jurie Welman
    Mashego Mashego
    Arif Hussain
  • Governance & HR Board Sub-Committee
    Kusile Mtunzi-Hairwadzi (Chair)
    Edson Magondo
    Mashego Mashego
  • Finance, Audit & Risk Board Sub-Committee
    Edson Magondo (Chair)
    Arif Hussian
    Jurie Welman
  • Marketing, Communications & Fundraising Board Sub-Committee
    Arif Hussian (Chair)
    Carl Ballot
    Jackie Mathebula